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International Mortgage Brokers for Overseas residential or commercial property in different countries, we offer you our services and years of experience in arranging this type of mortgage facility. Our deep knowledge and contacts in the European banking industry, allow us to search for the best option within the characteristics of each client.

24 Jun 2015


These are available on properties in Spain and France:

• Minimum loan - € 1 million

• Minimum property value - € 1 million

• Maximum Loan to Value - 100% LTV – 50% LTV would be guaranteed by the property (mortgage) the additional 50% would be guaranteed by borrower’s financial assets deposited with and pledged with the lender (charge taken).

• Minimum Assets Under Management with the chosen lender: € 1,000,000 (pledged & cannot be withdrawn until the 60% of the loan is paid off)

• Interest rates from 1.5% margin over 12 month EURIBOR

• Interest only period: Up to 10 years

• Maximum 30 year term on an Interest and capital repayment basis. No age limit or restrictions.

• Property may be owned by an SPV based in the UK, France or Spain, but the beneficial owner must be the one establishing the banking relationship.

• Appraisal estimated cost 0.15%

• Early redemption fee from 0,25 %

Above all the client must demonstrate that they have a private banking profile and be willing to develop their relationship with the bank.

We also provide mortgages from 100,000€. Please give us a call at +44 (0)20 3287 2800 for further information, or you can send us a brief explanation of your finance requirements to

Wishing you a very successful summer time!

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