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30 Aug 2014


As many things in life, the right timing could make a significant difference on the outcome and this could not be truer when you are considering investing in real estate.

In my opinion, a recent article in “The Independent” is another one of the many signs that indicates that the property market in London is overheated and the bubble is just getting bigger:

“A one bedroom basement flat in South Kensington has been put up for sale for nearly £600,000, despite being described as “uninhabitable” and only having 30 years left on its lease.”

ONS House Price Index informs that the average house prices in London rose by 19.3% in the year to June 2014, down from May rate of 20.1% but still an extremely strong growth rate.

Everyone knows that those increases in price are unsustainable in the end, therefore it is probably the optimum time to sell your property in London and buy your Villa Overseas where you can still find significant reductions in most of Southern Europe holiday destinations.

Nevertheless things are slowly starting to change as most potential buyers feel that this market has touched bottom and if we add the fact that the buying sentiment of mid age professionals in London looking for a place to spend their holidays and with the chance of renting it out while not using the property, it is a good opportunity to have your own house overseas and maybe one day a place to retire in the cold winter months.

If this could be a plan you may consider and you would like to find out how Financial North ® may assist you to obtain finance to invest on a property Overseas, please contact us at

20 Aug 2014


Whether you are looking for residential or commercial international mortgages, you have come to the right place to receive independent and personalised advice to choose the right finance based on your circumstances.

We are one of the European leading independent mortgage brokers with access to the most active lenders across Europe and our customers range from HNWI to boutique CRE investment firms.

We can arrange the right finance solution to acquire luxury residential property, hotels, shopping centres, industrial warehouses and offices.

If you would like to receive further information on how we can help you to obtain a competitive finance deal for your real estate investment, please do not hesitate to contact us at

11 Aug 2014


Assisting clients with more than € 1 million of listed financial assets on a case by case basis

These are available on properties in Spain and France:
  • Minimum loan - € 1 million.
  • Minimum property value - € 1 million.
  • Maximum Loan to Value - 100% LTV – 60% LTV would be guaranteed by the property (mortgage) the additional 40% would be guaranteed by borrower’s financial assets deposited with and pledged by the lender (charge taken).
  • Minimum Assets Under Management with the chosen lender: € 1,000,000 (pledged & cannot be withdrawn until the 60% of the loan is paid off). These must be listed financial assets; funds, shares, bonds, etc.
  • Interest rates from 2% margin over 12 month EURIBOR.
  • Maximum 30 year term on an Interest and capital repayment basis.
  • Property may be owned by an SPV based in the UK or Spain, but the beneficial owner must be the one establishing the banking relationship.
  • Lender’s Arrangement Fee - 1%
  • Brokerage Fee - 1%
  • Appraisal estimated cost 0.15%
  • Early redemption fee from 0,25 %
Above all the client must demonstrate that they have a private banking profile and be willing to develop their relationship with the bank.