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International Mortgage Brokers for Overseas residential or commercial property in different countries, we offer you our services and years of experience in arranging this type of mortgage facility. Our deep knowledge and contacts in the European banking industry, allow us to search for the best option within the characteristics of each client.

15 Feb 2018


Boosting estate agent’s sales

by offering the right finance solutions

Case study 2: 
Commercial real estate transaction structured as a sale lease back

An estate agent which we collaborate with, introduced us to a family office of hoteliers who wanted to raise finance on a 4 stars hotel located in Spain as they required funds to acquire another hotel which was a strategic and opportunistic investment.

Due to their existing financial commitments, this family office did not meet traditional banks affordability ratios and their finance application was turned down.

Based on the hotel’s excellent location and recurrent operating profits over the years, we structured a sale lease back transaction through an international REIT (real estate investment trust).

We raised €34.5M for the family office, that is 100% LTV, while they kept the management of the business and therefore the operating profits, by transferring their hotel’s ownership to the REIT, who then leased back the property to them for 20 years with a repurchase option at the end of the lease term.

Financial North offers you and your customers a myriad of financial solutions, offering the best solutions for making your deals happen.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a deal that requires finance.

23 Jan 2018


Case study: Italian cash buyers use international finance offered by Financial North to increase their purchase power & to optimise their Spanish Wealth Tax 

The €2.8M finance facility allowed these buyers to increase their budget from €2.5M to a €4M which resulted in a villa purchase in Es Cubells, Ibiza.

The mortgage also keeps their net assets in Spain down to a minimum in order to optimise their Spanish Wealth Tax, that would kick in would be reached fairly soon without careful planning. The estimated tax savings would be €36,546 per year for the next 5 years.

Additionally, they were planning other investments in their own business in the near future and by leveraging their property acquisition in Ibiza, they did not have to take more expensive finance back in their home country. The clients opted for a variable interest route at Euribor + 1.25% for 20 years.

With Spanish mortgage rates so low and for the optimisation of the Spanish Wealth Tax, even those with enough cash to be able to buy outright are using finance to purchase their properties.

By offering finance, it resulted in a much higher sale for the estate agent but also on tax and finance efficient solution for the satisfied customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a case you would like to discuss or introduce.

15 Dec 2016


If you have a Spanish mortgage with NatWest in Spain, you may be one of the thousands of their customers that have received a letter informing you that their mortgage facility will not be extended with you and inviting you to settle your mortgage balance with them.

As overseas mortgage brokers we have already assisted NatWest customers finding them alternative and competitive mortgage solutions for their Spanish property.

If you would like to receive a free initial information on to refinance your current mortgage with a Spanish lender, please call us on + 44 (0)20 3287 2800 or send us an email to

Kind regards,

Alberto Goldar
Managing Director

3 Mar 2016


The conditions for buying property in Overseas remain very attractive to clients, with continued low interest rates and in many cases favourable exchange rates.
We offer a wide range of mortgage solutions for non-resident and resident investors with flexible, competitive terms, pricing and repayment options.
Overall, the average spread above the Euribor has reduced from 3% to 1.35% in the last 3 or 4 years.
A 5 year fixed interest rate starts at 1.75% in some countries, depending on the personal financial circumstances of the mortgage applicant. The opportunity to lock in rates at such low levels for such long periods remains extremely attractive for foreign investors.

                                                                                                                                                    Source: ECB

Most of our customers could pay the purchase of their property overseas with cash, but due to these low interest rates, the majority of them prefer to leverage their investment, as they can obtain higher returns for their capital in other investments.
Lenders have increased their lending appetite over the last 2 years, but they do require that all mortgage applications be fully and properly documented.
At Financial North, we aim to reduce the paperwork whenever possible and to mitigate the language burden, so you can enjoy peace of mind with a clear and transparent finance application process.
For some customers the best option to obtain a competitive mortgage is to establish a private banking relationship in the course of the purchase of a high value property overseas.
The essentials of a private banking relationship are that the client deposit a significant amount of financial assets to the bank such as cash, bond or equities portfolio. The private banker will then agree a strategy to manage this portfolio to generate a return to match the customer’s appetite for risk.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you would like to discuss your best finance options with us.

Kind regards,

Alberto Goldar
Managing Director

10 Feb 2016

FINANCIAL NORTH – Q1 2016 Newsletter

The conditions for buying property internationally remain very attractive to clients with continued low prices and in many cases favourable exchange rates.
The Euribor has never been lower, 12 Months Euribor base rate is 0.042% and banks have reduced their interest rate margins to the extent where rates are now lower than a year ago 

A 15 years fixed interest rate starts at 2.5% in some countries, depending on the personal financial circumstances of the mortgage applicant. The opportunity to lock in rates at such low levels for such long periods remains extremely attractive for foreign investors.

Variable margins on international repayment mortgages are still in the region of Euribor + 1.5% to 2,5%.

As a brief summary of the mortgages available in those countries with higher demand:

44 % * of purchase price
Min. mortgage €150,000. Mortgage transfer to another lender allowed. No equity release or buy to let.
32 % * of purchase price
Minimum mortgage €200,000. Mortgage transfer or buy to let allowed. No equity release.
40% * of purchase price
Minimum mortgage €300,000
Different mortgage products available per state.
25 % * of purchase price
Minimum mortgage €250,000. Mortgage transfer, buy to let and equity release allowed.
35 % * of purchase price
Minimum mortgage €300,000. No mortgage transfer, equity release or buy to let available.

*These are estimates as it depends of several factors; local taxes, customer’s financial profile, etc.

For customers with their main property in the UK and sufficient positive equity, we can assist them refinancing mortgage to release equity up to 80% LTV, in order to have sufficient funds for the purchase of their properties overseas*

For the next months, we expect international mortgage rates should stay more or less as they are, with excellent products on offer to most non-residents.

2015 has been described in some corners as the year of the strong sterling, as the British currency zipped up against the euro from a rate of 1.28 on the 1st January, hitting a rate of 1.44 in July and close to this again in November.

2016 so far, on the other hand, has already shown an enormous switch in the £/€ exchange rate and being more stable for the USD/€. Sterling had begun weakening in December 2015, as a result of positive sentiment surrounding the European Central Bank (ECB), but experts could not predict the speed at which the British currency would then devalue in January.

Please do not hesitate to contact Financial North if you require further information on how we can assist you on your property purchase overseas at or give us a call at + 44 (0)20 3287 2800.

Kind regards,

Alberto Goldar
Managing Director

29 Oct 2015


The Euribor, the European equivalent for Libor, is at its historical minimum rate and it is likely to go higher in the near future. In this event, it would have a direct impact on your mortgage payments and on your economy.

Either if you currently have an Spanish mortgage with variable interest rate or you or one of your customers is going to apply for a new one, we can offer the following limited promotion for residents up to 80% LTV and non-residents up to 75% LTV:
  • Fixed interest rate at 2,5% for a maximum period of 15 years
  • Fixed interest rate at 2,75% for a maximum period of 20 years
  • Fixed interest rate at 3% for a maximum period of 25 years.

The maximum mortgage term is conditioned on the age of the main applicant, as it must be paid off before he/she reaches 75 years of age. This offer is subject to final approval of the lender’s credit department.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or at 020 3287 2800 if you would like further information on how you can lock your mortgage payments in the future.

Kind regards,

Alberto Goldar
Managing Director

24 Jun 2015


These are available on properties in Spain and France:

• Minimum loan - € 1 million

• Minimum property value - € 1 million

• Maximum Loan to Value - 100% LTV – 50% LTV would be guaranteed by the property (mortgage) the additional 50% would be guaranteed by borrower’s financial assets deposited with and pledged with the lender (charge taken).

• Minimum Assets Under Management with the chosen lender: € 1,000,000 (pledged & cannot be withdrawn until the 60% of the loan is paid off)

• Interest rates from 1.5% margin over 12 month EURIBOR

• Interest only period: Up to 10 years

• Maximum 30 year term on an Interest and capital repayment basis. No age limit or restrictions.

• Property may be owned by an SPV based in the UK, France or Spain, but the beneficial owner must be the one establishing the banking relationship.

• Appraisal estimated cost 0.15%

• Early redemption fee from 0,25 %

Above all the client must demonstrate that they have a private banking profile and be willing to develop their relationship with the bank.

We also provide mortgages from 100,000€. Please give us a call at +44 (0)20 3287 2800 for further information, or you can send us a brief explanation of your finance requirements to

Wishing you a very successful summer time!

Kind regards,

Alberto Goldar
Managing Director