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29 Oct 2015


The Euribor, the European equivalent for Libor, is at its historical minimum rate and it is likely to go higher in the near future. In this event, it would have a direct impact on your mortgage payments and on your economy.

Either if you currently have an Spanish mortgage with variable interest rate or you or one of your customers is going to apply for a new one, we can offer the following limited promotion for residents up to 80% LTV and non-residents up to 75% LTV:
  • Fixed interest rate at 2,5% for a maximum period of 15 years
  • Fixed interest rate at 2,75% for a maximum period of 20 years
  • Fixed interest rate at 3% for a maximum period of 25 years.

The maximum mortgage term is conditioned on the age of the main applicant, as it must be paid off before he/she reaches 75 years of age. This offer is subject to final approval of the lender’s credit department.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or at 020 3287 2800 if you would like further information on how you can lock your mortgage payments in the future.

Kind regards,

Alberto Goldar
Managing Director

24 Jun 2015


These are available on properties in Spain and France:

• Minimum loan - € 1 million

• Minimum property value - € 1 million

• Maximum Loan to Value - 100% LTV – 50% LTV would be guaranteed by the property (mortgage) the additional 50% would be guaranteed by borrower’s financial assets deposited with and pledged with the lender (charge taken).

• Minimum Assets Under Management with the chosen lender: € 1,000,000 (pledged & cannot be withdrawn until the 60% of the loan is paid off)

• Interest rates from 1.5% margin over 12 month EURIBOR

• Interest only period: Up to 10 years

• Maximum 30 year term on an Interest and capital repayment basis. No age limit or restrictions.

• Property may be owned by an SPV based in the UK, France or Spain, but the beneficial owner must be the one establishing the banking relationship.

• Appraisal estimated cost 0.15%

• Early redemption fee from 0,25 %

Above all the client must demonstrate that they have a private banking profile and be willing to develop their relationship with the bank.

We also provide mortgages from 100,000€. Please give us a call at +44 (0)20 3287 2800 for further information, or you can send us a brief explanation of your finance requirements to

Wishing you a very successful summer time!

Kind regards,

Alberto Goldar
Managing Director

8 Apr 2015


We have included in our mortgages panel a new lender that offers a highly competitive mortgage terms to acquire properties in Spain.
The conditions are:
  • Interest rate: Euribor + 1.60%
  • No arrangement fee
  • No mortgage floor
  • Up to 70% of the valuation
  • Term up to 25 years
In order to qualify for the best interest rate the lender requires:
  • Your need to have a net income after taxes above 2,000 €
  • Life and home insurance with the lender
  • Use of credit card with the lender more than 12 times a year.
  • Pension plan with annual contribution over 600€
  • Salary paid into your lenders bank account.

If you do not meet all this criteria, the interest rate can go up to Euribor + 2.20%
Please do not hesitate to call us at +44 (0)20 3287 2800 for further information, or you can send us a brief explanation of your finance requirements to

19 Mar 2015


Either for investment or for your own leisure, it is probably the best time, for many years, to invest in a property in Spain.
Property prices are still lower than 2007 and currency exchange rates are favourable for many international customers.
Additionally, Spanish lenders are becoming more flexible when approving mortgages to non-resident buyers and are starting to face competition from international lenders active in the Spanish premium market.
A 20 year fixed interest rate mortgage, starts at 2.9% for residents in the Country and from 3.9% for non-residents.
Variable interest rates for non-residents can start as low as 2.5% for the first year and then from Euribor + 1.75 % for the rest of duration of the mortgage, being the Euribor at its historical lows. 
Variable interest rates for residents in Spain start as low as 2% for the first year and years after from Euribor + 1%.
LTVs can go up to 100% when listed financial assets are deposited and pledged with the lender, during the duration of the mortgage. For this product, an interest only mortgage is available for up to 10 years.
Otherwise, they can go up to 70% LTV for non-residents using just the collateral of the property they are acquiring.
Your interest are ours, as international mortgage brokers we endeavour to provide a high level of service and to complete the property transaction in an efficient way, liaising directly with your sales team if required so, supporting them all the way. 
Please do not hesitate to call us at +44 (0)20 3287 2800 for further information, or you can send us a brief explanation of your finance requirements to