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19 Mar 2015


Either for investment or for your own leisure, it is probably the best time, for many years, to invest in a property in Spain.
Property prices are still lower than 2007 and currency exchange rates are favourable for many international customers.
Additionally, Spanish lenders are becoming more flexible when approving mortgages to non-resident buyers and are starting to face competition from international lenders active in the Spanish premium market.
A 20 year fixed interest rate mortgage, starts at 2.9% for residents in the Country and from 3.9% for non-residents.
Variable interest rates for non-residents can start as low as 2.5% for the first year and then from Euribor + 1.75 % for the rest of duration of the mortgage, being the Euribor at its historical lows. 
Variable interest rates for residents in Spain start as low as 2% for the first year and years after from Euribor + 1%.
LTVs can go up to 100% when listed financial assets are deposited and pledged with the lender, during the duration of the mortgage. For this product, an interest only mortgage is available for up to 10 years.
Otherwise, they can go up to 70% LTV for non-residents using just the collateral of the property they are acquiring.
Your interest are ours, as international mortgage brokers we endeavour to provide a high level of service and to complete the property transaction in an efficient way, liaising directly with your sales team if required so, supporting them all the way. 
Please do not hesitate to call us at +44 (0)20 3287 2800 for further information, or you can send us a brief explanation of your finance requirements to

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