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11 Aug 2014


Assisting clients with more than € 1 million of listed financial assets on a case by case basis

These are available on properties in Spain and France:
  • Minimum loan - € 1 million.
  • Minimum property value - € 1 million.
  • Maximum Loan to Value - 100% LTV – 60% LTV would be guaranteed by the property (mortgage) the additional 40% would be guaranteed by borrower’s financial assets deposited with and pledged by the lender (charge taken).
  • Minimum Assets Under Management with the chosen lender: € 1,000,000 (pledged & cannot be withdrawn until the 60% of the loan is paid off). These must be listed financial assets; funds, shares, bonds, etc.
  • Interest rates from 2% margin over 12 month EURIBOR.
  • Maximum 30 year term on an Interest and capital repayment basis.
  • Property may be owned by an SPV based in the UK or Spain, but the beneficial owner must be the one establishing the banking relationship.
  • Lender’s Arrangement Fee - 1%
  • Brokerage Fee - 1%
  • Appraisal estimated cost 0.15%
  • Early redemption fee from 0,25 %
Above all the client must demonstrate that they have a private banking profile and be willing to develop their relationship with the bank.

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